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We create reliable, high-performance products.

In this present diversified society, what is needed most is the products which exactly capture the needs of the times.
High-performance products manufactured under integrated production system always leads to the next step to the future age.
Particularly for automotive floor sheets and construction flooring sheets, by manufacturing using the different application of various materials, we have earned a high trust from our customers.

*All of the material is either non-PVC resin or PVC resin .

■ Automotive Floor Mats and Sheets


Rearseat Floor Mat …A
Bulkhead Sheet …B
Engine Mat …C
Frontseat Floor Mat …D

We mainly manufacture OEM products for commercial automotive vehicles for every manufacturer.

■ Building Construction Materials (Flooring・Roofing Sheets)


Flooring Sheets
Roof Sheets for Building (roofing)
Soundproofing Sheets for Buildings
Bathroom Flooring

We have plain, marble, slip-resistant, extra long , various decorative, and roofing types of sheets in our stock to meet all your needs.
All flooring satisfy JIS standards.

■ Construction Sheets


Sheets for industrial waste and sheet liners, etc.

With our ability in top class large domestic production and maximum product width of 2000mm, we have received high praise from our customers.

(Thickness of 0.5mm-5.0mm, Width of 1000mm-2000mm)
With special orders, we can also manufacture other sizes for slit and width by joint processing.

■ All Purpose Mats


Mats etc., for facilities such as Shopping Malls, Home Centers and Game Centers
 Smooth / Mt.B / Pyramid / Fletching / Small Pyramid / Coin / Diamond
(Thickness of 1.5mm) Other sizes are possible with special orders.

FAQ frequently asked questions

Q: I only have a small sample of the sheet, but can you manufacture one of the same quality?
AIf you can tell us the specification you require and the materials that can be processed by us, it is possible. Please contact us if the materials are unknown.
Q: There are many kinds of resins, but at Daido, what kind of materials are possible in sheet processing?
AIn our calender facilities, "thermoplastic resin" (gelation occurs when heated) is needed for sheet processing. Depending on the fluidity of plasticity during (MFR value) material hardness, there may be some differences, but a list of our proper processing facilities and general-purpose thermoplastic resin is shown below.
■ Materials Processing Proper List
Q: I do not understand well the difference of plastic or sheets products, but how should I order ?.
APlease inform us of the color, hardness, and flexibility (and other things such as conductivity, flame retardance, vibration-damping properties).
We will take into consideration all of this and then look into the possibility of manufacture.
Q:  Is it possible for you to combine plastic and other materials in your production facilities?
AWe have successfully processed the following - cheesecloth, base cloth, glass cloth, spunbond, felt, printing film, and other materials. However when there is a possibility of damage to our equipment during processing, such as some metals, we may refuse in those cases. Please contact us.
Q:  What is the minimum lot amount of production? I would like just a small sample.
AIf the sample material is a sheet made up of any of the following - single blended, single layer, or uneven pattern, trial production is possible from about 200 to 300 kg material charged. This is only a guide for the specific gravity which is different depending on the material. The more steps there are in the processing of the sample, the less of the sample there will be as a final product.
Q:  How much does it cost to make a sample?  If it does cost anything, about how much would it be?
AThe price for making samples is printed. The price differs depending on the material, amount, and processing. Please contact us what you would require and we will gladly help you.
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