PVC Floor Sheet

These are Japanese-made high quality products.
We are manufacturing under high quality control. Our products are non smell and high durability.

■ example;hospital,  school and gym


※There are various patterns to other

■ Size and Lot

Type Size Lot size
Plain type thickness 2.0㎜ × width 1,830㎜ × length : Ordering 200m(make-to-order)
Marble type 250m(make-to-order)
Chip type 200m(make-to-order)

■ Reference ※In case of mortar

Auxiliary materials Usually Under high humidity
Adhesive Vinyl acetate series Epoxy resin series
Seam Construction of using a welding rod

PVC Slipping Prevent MAT

■ Product Features

 [1] We can accommodate a variety of uses as Slipping Prevent MAT.
 [2] Strong to attrition and scuff, and excellent water resistance and durability
 [3] Recyclable and environment friendly product

■ Product list

Product Name Color
Slipping Prevent MAT MD Various types
Need consulting
Slipping Prevent MAT MT Various types
Need consulting
Slipping Prevent MAT Taihowari Various types
Need consulting

■ Applications

・Slip resistance for balconies, etc.
・Slip resistance for corridors
・Buffer for tumble
・Design improvement
・Floor equipment for outdoor and indoor
・Absorption of impact sound

Vinyl  chloride  roof  tarpaulin

Current roofing method can be divided into “asphalt waterproof”, “sheet waterproof, “waterproof coating” are properly used in the right place by the features of each method.

■ Product Features

[1] Excellent  low  water-absorbent

[2] Excellent  insulation,  chemical- resistance, fire-resistance, 
   antiwater  weather-resistance

[3] Easy  Construction for lightweight material contribute to reduction in the
   weight of building and strengthening the earthquake reduction.

[4] Configuration incorporate glass  cloth  the  possible  long-term
   dimension  retention  in the  harsh  environment 

[5] We  can  respond  required  color  by  order  production

■ Specification

color dimension LOT(m)
gray thickness 1.5㎜ × width 1,200㎜ × length 10m 300

■ Test results

item spesification Measured value
(MD direction)
Measured value
(ID direction)
tensl strength(N/㎝) above 100 232 219
Growth rate(%) above 150 264 235
Tear strength(N/㎝) above 50 99 67
Tempreature dependence
(at 60℃)
above 40 136 93
Tempreature dependence
(at -20℃)
above 10 63 43

※measurement values are not guaranteed these are from extracted samples

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