PVC SHEET  for civil engineering

■ Product Features

[1] Ideal for seepage control, waterproof, excellent flexibility,
elasticity, and elongation  properties.

[2] Our materials have high resistance to alkaline, acid, oil, and solvent.

[3] Good workability and economical

■ Size

thickness width1,030㎜ width1,530㎜ width2,040㎜
0.5mm 50m 50m 50m
1.0mm 30m 20m 20m
1.5mm 30m - 20m
2.0mm - 20m 20m

■ Physical Properties

temperature 23℃  Humidity 65%RH

Item Method Standard Mesured value
Specific Gravity JIS K 7112 Less than 1.35 1.32
Hardness JIS K 6253 More than 65 84
Tensile strength(N/㎝2) JIS K 6251 More than 1570 2,080/1,830
Elongation rate(%) JIS K 6251 More than 300 343/335
Tear strength(N/㎝) JIS K 6252 More than 440 573
Impact brittle temperature(℃) JIS K 6273 Do not fracture at -30℃ or less None
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